Class Action Lawsuits Against Red Light Cameras Keep Coming

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We have written before about class action lawsuits filed throughout the country over red light cameras. Ticketed motorists have sued cities in Missouri, California, Florida and Tennessee, among others. One common element in the lawsuits is American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the Scottsdale, Arizona-based company that installs and maintains the cameras.

New Jersey became the latest state added to the red light camera litigation list when ATS agreed last month to settle another class action lawsuit for $4.2 million. The Woodbridge Patch reported that the settlement affects motorists who received red light camera tickets at lights in 21 different municipalities where the timing of the yellow lights was not properly certified by the state. Motorists who received red light camera tickets will receive a postcard in the mail telling them how to apply for their refund, according to Patch.

In October, the Star-Ledger reported that 27-year-old Lauren Morosoff received a red light ticket from Edison, New Jersey, dated August 2011—despite the fact that Morosoff had moved to Colorado in March 2010 and, thus, had not been in the Garden State for 18 months. This past July, the Star-Ledger reported that a police lieutenant who is also an attorney was appealing a red light ticket he was issued after an alleged September 2011 violation. Clinton Township police lieutenant Ryan Melsky argued that he was denied a presumption of innocence because the court concluded he was driving the vehicle.

In June 2012, the New Jersey Transportation Department said many red-light cameras might not be properly calibrated and ordered 21 of the 25 towns that installed them to stop issuing tickets based on their findings. The suspension affected 63 of the 85 intersections.

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