Class Action Lawsuit Provides Compensation for Unpaid Interns

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, the “Charlie Rose” television show settled a class action lawsuit alleging the show violated New York’s labor laws by failing to pay the show’s interns. A former intern filed the lawsuit on behalf of herself and others, alleging that she was not paid “despite working 25 hours a week for three months in the summer of 2007.” She said in her original complaint that there were 10 other interns working for Rose during the time she spent on the show, and her duties included “assembling background research and press packets, escorting guests, digesting Rose’s interviews and cleaning,” according to the Reporter.

Rose never responded to the claims, but court documents showed that each class member will receive $110 for each week that he or she interned on the show, up to a maximum of 10 weeks. The lead plaintiff told the New York Times that the settlement was “a really important moment for this movement against unpaid internships.” The Reporter noted, “Labor attorneys have cautioned that Hollywood could see more litigation over internship programs unless they follow protocol from the Department of Labor that internships be expressly educational, for the benefit of the intern, that the intern doesn’t displace regular employees, that the employer derives no immediate advantage from the intern, that the intern is not entitled to a job after the internship, and that the intern understands that he or she is not entitled to wages.”

Was your last internship more about you providing free work than you receiving any educational value? You might have a class action claim if multiple people were affected by the policy, and you can find additional information about other areas of class action litigation like defective products and consumer fraud on our website. Use the form on this page or contact our firm at (800) 687-3333 to let our class action attorneys see if you have a class action claim.

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