Mesothelioma Diagnosis Does Not Slow Down ‘Unstoppable’ Ohio Man

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Being diagnosed with mesothelioma has not slowed down 89-year-old Wade Stroupe. “It was Pearl Harbor Day, and at the time, (the doctors) gave him two weeks to live,” Wade’s daughter, Cheryl Stroupe, told the News-Herald for a story published on November 22, 2012. “We were all shocked because dad was so active.”

The News-Herald reported that nearly one year later, Wade Stroupe tends to the lawns and driveways of neighboring widows and makes regular volunteering appearances at Cardinal Woods nursing home and Lantern of Madison assisted living facility. He also taught woodworking at Cardinal Woods and led a rosary group at Lantern of Madison before cutting back.

“Wade is such an inspiration to all of us,” Chris Van Dusen told the News-Herald. Van Dusen is co-director of the Madison Food Center, where Stroupe unpacks cartons of food and stocks shelves. “I didn’t even know he was sick until his family told me. He’s unstoppable.”

According to the News-Herald, Stroupe pointed to the years he spent working in Maryland shipbuilding yards in the early 1940s and his service in the US Merchant Marines during World War II as the likeliest sources of his exposure to asbestos. Describing his fight against mesothelioma, Stroupe told the News-Herald, “It’s just a headache, something you have to deal with.”

Wade Stroupe’s story is certainly inspiring, but very few mesothelioma victims are fortunate enough to have the strength to remain as active as he has. Individuals diagnosed with this fatal disease typically suffer from fatigue, shortness of breath and persistent pain. Mesothelioma also exacts emotional tolls such as anxiety, depression and isolation.

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