Social Security Administration Class Action Lawsuit

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According to PR News Wire, the Social Security Administration faces a class action lawsuits filed by individuals alleging the agency’s failures to disclose queried information as required by the Freedom of Information Act and the 1974 Privacy Act. The lawsuit comes after plaintiffs spent months trying to obtain claim and benefit information in the agency’s possession, which is essential to plaintiffs seeking Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

The Social Security Administration administers several benefit programs to seniors and disabled individuals. The agency compiled records pertaining to an individual filing for benefits, including earnings, claims, benefits and medical information. A firm specializing in social security disability benefits alleges that the agency kept requested information, which prevented the firm from reliably assisting its clients.

The agency is obligated to disclose information when the appropriate procedures of the Privacy Act are followed and if a request is made for the information per law. The plaintiffs allege that failure to provide requested information violates the Privacy Act and is an abuse of public trust. The plaintiffs allege that the agency released some query requests while denying others, instituted onerous procedural requirements, caused unnecessary delays in processing requests and solicited unconscionable fees through local offices which had to be passed on to claimants.

The plaintiffs claim that the class action lawsuit might benefits all Americans seeking information contained in the Social Security Administration’s system.

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