John Deere Lawsuit Seeks Class Action Certification, Alleges Discriminatory Hiring Practices

Posted on March 25, 2011 at 7:00am by

According to Mercury News, a Modesto woman has filed a lawsuit against John Deere operation in Livermore. Holly Artis sued in federal court but filed an amended complaint seeking class action status on behalf of all female job applicants. Artis alleges Deere & Co systematically discriminates against women seeking entry-level employment with the company.

Artis, 33, claims she was rejected by John Deere in Livermore, California, in favor of a male applicant with less experience. Artis claims in her class action motion that the company and its landscaping division bar women from customer service and sales jobs. The plaintiff names 19 executive in John Deere’s equipment and landscaping divisions – all men, and women hold only 2.2 percent of sales jobs at its landscaping facilities, while nursery and farm supply stores have an average of 50 percent female employees.

John Deere issued a statement that is has strong nondiscriminatory hiring practices and hires qualified candidates regardless of gender. The company’s spokesperson calls the lawsuit one person’s inaccurate perspective and not a representation of John Deere’s overall hiring practices.

Artis seeks a court order ending the alleged discriminatory practice. She is also asking for reimbursement of lost pay to female applicants denied qualified job positions.

A similar class action lawsuit was filed against Wal-Mart Stores Inc, alleging the company has a private gender bias practice and represents as many as 1 million women.

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