BJ’s Wholesale Club Class Action Suit Filed

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A class action suit has been filed against BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. The lead Plaintiff Irene Cappalli has filed this suit on behalf of herself and a proposed class of similarly affected customers of BJ’s. The damages and relief sought is based upon BJ’s habit of purposefully causing the 12 month membership renewals to expire less than 12 full months from the date they are initiated. This deprives both the plaintiff and other members of the class the 12 month membership benefits that they have paid for.

The plaintiff alleges these facts based upon her experience with the company. BJ’s owns and operated a chain of stores known as “warehouse clubs” which sell merchandise at extremely low prices to customers who purchase 12 month memberships.  As of the end of January 2010 BJ’s Wholesale operated 187 of these stores in 15 states.

This membership is marketed and sold in store and through the BJ’s website. There are various levels of memberships ranging from $45 to $90. Non members and former members are not allowed to purchase items at BJ’s stores. The complaint is that when a member chooses to renew their membership after the existing contract expires the company causes the membership to terminate in the expiration month of the former membership period, thus causing the member to have less than 12 full months of benefits.

To make this clear to everyone who is wondering if they are part of this class: If you purchased a membership in May, it should expire in May. If you renew your membership in June about a month after your former membership expired the new membership will end in May of the next year, thus losing about a month that you should be entitled to shop. Anyone who has experienced this problem since October 1, 2000 is part of this class action.

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