Class Action Lawsuit Brought Against HealthPort

Posted on October 18, 2010 at 3:35pm by

Pope County circuit court in Arkansas is the location for a class action lawsuit that has been filed against HealthPort. HealthPort is a Georgia based company that maintains records for health care providers often known as a records company or medical billing company. The suit alleges that the Company charged patients an illegal fee classified as sales tax when they request copies of their medical records.

The class action suit seeks reimbursement for all citizens of Arkansas who have paid such a fee to obtain their medical records. The reason this is considered an illegal fee is because there is no sale, in providing someone with their own records. Simply put this sounds like a fee that HealthPort is charging and is going straight into the Company coffers.

Class action lawsuits allow the courts to dispense justice to an entire class of people under the same complaint and are a more efficient way to seek compensation and correction than individual lawsuits in cases when hundreds or thousands of people are affected.

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